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BRI-15 (wall mounted)

Бактерицидный облучатель-рециркулятор ОБР-15 Мед ТеКо
Air Disinfection

BRI – 15

BRI-15 – Med TeCo – is a closed-type bactericidal UV-air flow irradiator-recirculator with ozone-free bactericidal lamp for air disinfection.

Attention: at the customer’s request, the irradiator can be made without the lighting function

BRI-15 – Med TeСo intended for air disinfection in rooms with a volume up to 30 m³, both in the presence and in the absence of people.

The operating principle of the irradiator is based on the pumped air disinfection along an ozone-free low-pressure bactericidal lamp, which emits radiation with a wave length of 253.4 nm inside the irradiator casing. The model has a unique, memorable design of case, that is versatile.

Jointly with the Scientific Center for Children’s Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the use of irradiators-recirculators BRI-30– Med TeCo in children’s institutions during epidemics was studied, as well as their impact on reducing of the incidence in children.

International Certificate (СЕ)

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Purpose of the device

The irradiator is designed for disinfection of indoor air, both in the presence and in the absence of people:

  • Premises of medical institutions of categories I-V, where constant aseptic conditions maintenance is required (especially in cases of high risk of spread of aerosol-transmitted diseases)
  • Premises with an increased risk of the spread of infectious diseases (public institutions, including school and preschool institutions, catering establishments, utility facilities)
  • Private houses, especially during the epidemic of acute respiratory diseases

The use of an irradiator can be considered as one of the most effective health protection technologies, due to the risk of aerosol-transmitted diseases spreading.

Key advantages

  • The emission-proof design protects people in the room from short-wave ultraviolet radiation.
  • A starter-less electronic device with increased robustness is used as a starting and adjusting device for lamps.
  • The white glow of the recirculator casing shell allows the lamp to be used as a light source.
  • Timer that counts the life of the bactericidal lamp.
  • The electronic circuit ensures the UV lamps and fans operation control and displays the information on the digital screen.
  • The outer surfaces of the irradiator are durable to disinfectant solutions.

Technical specifications

Operation modes

Flow rate performance, m³/hour, not less 30
Bactericidal lamp timer setting range, h 1÷9999 ± 5%

Power supply

Supply voltage, V 220
Power supply frequency, Hz 50
Network power input, not more than, VA  30


Overall dimensions, not more than, mm 90 х 90 х 600
Weight, not more than, kg 2


Irradiation and air disinfection source bactericidal lamp TUV15W/G13T8 (Philips)
Bactericidal lamp service life, not more than (h) 9000
Service life 5 years
Corrected sound power level, not more than, dBA 55